Are you..

  • Wanting to provide your child with healthy options but not sure what to be serving?

  • Worrying about whether your toddler is getting enough to eat - maybe even feeling tempted to feed them yourself?

  • Wondering why your “good eater” is suddenly rejecting foods they used to devour?

  • Just not sure how to transition from feeding a baby to feeding a toddler?

  • Stuck trying to come up with ideas for variety or making the same meals every day for fear your child won’t like something and will go without eating

  • Not sure what to do about the near constant throwing of food?

Your Nourished Toddler teaches you the basics of nutrition for toddlers and managing mealtime dilemmas AND provides ongoing support for all the questions that might come up during toddlerhood.

  • Learning Content

    10 short video modules take you through what you need to know about feeding your toddler and having happier mealtimes. You can complete them on your own time and as challenges arise throughout toddlerhood.

  • Downloadable Resources

    A complete resource package including handy nutrition guides with visual examples of serving sizes and simple, recipes & meal planning ideas designed for busy families.

  • Community

    You will be supported throughout toddlerhood, even after completing the course material! With the private online support group and ongoing Q&As and learning opportunities.

Resource Pack

15 printable resource downloads

Quick reference summary chart, Choking hazard guide, Raw produce texture progression guide, Snack builder, Meal builder, Familiar food planner, Average serving size guides, Guide to cups, Nutrient sources, Constipation guide, Mealtime frustrations guide, Guide to milk

Recipe & Meal Planning Guide

25 family-friendly recipes, meal planning guide, and familiar food planner Simplify meal planning and make one meal for everyone!

You'll learn how to...

  • Simplify the meal planning process so you can stop cooking separate meals for your toddler

  • Implement a mealtime routine so you can sit down to eat without the battle

  • Provide balanced meals and feel confident whether your toddler is getting proper nutrients

  • Transition from feeding a baby to the family table

  • Gently manage food throwing and other mealtime struggles

  • Raise a toddler who enjoys mealtimes and is a joy to feed

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Your Nourished Toddler

    • Welcome!

    • Resources & Recipes

    • Getting to know YOU

    • Terms of Use

  • 2

    Guest Speakers + Q&As

    • Safe Beginnings First Aid - Choking Discussion & Demonstration

    • SLP Interview with Elaina from Chatterbox Family - Encouraging speech at the table

    • Sugar Discussion + Live Q&A

    • Occupational Therapist Interview with Carrie Owen from Sweet Pea Therapy

  • 3

    Getting Started

    • What is your goal?

    • Take Action

  • 4

    Picky Eating

    • Why is my toddler suddenly picky?

  • 5

    Food Parenting

    • Food Parenting

    • Mindful Eating

    • Take Action

  • 6

    Division of Responsibility

    • The Division of Responsibility

    • Take Action

  • 7

    Mealtime Rhythms

    • Mealtime Rhythms

    • Take Action

  • 8

    The Family Table

    • The Family Table

    • Proper Seating

    • Utensils

    • Take Action

  • 9

    Planning Meals

    • Planning Meals

    • Take Action

  • 10


    • Toddler Nutrition

    • Serving Sizes

    • Water

    • Supplements

    • Sweets & Treats

    • Take Action

  • 11

    New Foods

    • Helping your toddler expand their palate

    • Exposure

    • Novelty

    • Food Play

    • Flavour

    • Take Action

  • 12

    Mealtime Frustrations

    • Managing mealtime frustrations

  • 13


    • Milk

    • Transition to Milk for Breastfed Toddlers

    • Transition to Milk for Bottle Fed Toddlers

  • 14

    Next Steps

    • Next Steps

    • When to Seek Help

    • Resources

    • Feedback Survey

Meet Your Guide

Hi! I'm Olivia Farrow

I can't wait to get to know you inside the Your Nourished Toddler program. I'm a Registered Dietitian and a mom of two. I specialize in nutrition for babies and toddlers...and I also know what it feels like to be overwhelmed by the toddler years. My vision is to empower families to help their children develop lifelong mindful eating habits. As a registered dietitian, the information I provide is current and evidence-based. As a mom, I also understand that it has to be realistic. Work with me on your journey to raise healthy little eaters who love food!

This program is for you if...

  • You have a child between 1-3 years old (or slightly younger and you’re wanting to set yourself up before the toddler years)

  • You want to prevent picky eating

  • You want to feel confident and supported with feeding your toddler

  • Your struggling with transitioning from feeding a baby to the changing needs of a toddler

  • You are worried about whether your toddler is meeting their nutrient needs

  • You want to learn how to raise an adventurous eater with a life long healthy relationship with food and eating

  • You want simple recipes and meal ideas that work for the whole family


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the time commitment?

    I'm a busy parent too! I understand that the information needs to be quick and to the point. There are 10 modules with videos less than 5 minutes each. You can complete the course material at your own pace. The ongoing learning and Q&As are completely optional and will be recorded for you to view when it works best for you.

  • How are the learning materials delivered?

    The main learning videos are presented with audio recording over slides, there are transcripts for all of the videos. There are also additional downloadable resources available for each section

  • How is this different than working 1:1 with a dietitian?

    Working directly with a dietitian provides individualized care and support that a online program cannot provide. Working one-on-one is not necessarily feasible for everyone, this course provides some of the same type of support you would receive. Individualized care is best suited for individuals with complex questions and unique nutritional needs. An online program often suits the needs best of someone who is looking for information on nutrition and picky eating prevention.

  • How long will I have access to the program?

    You will have access to the program materials for 2 years. The Your Nourished Toddler program is meant to provide support for caregivers of toddlers 1-3 years old.

  • My toddler is a very picky eater with a very limited palate, will this program help?

    Though picky eating is discussed. If your toddler has a very limited palate (tolerates less than 20 foods, or has sensory aversions to many foods), working directly with a multidisciplinary feeding team might be your best approach.

  • My toddler is vegetarian/vegan/has allergies. Will the information be relevant to me?

    The program is not designed to meet the unique needs of every child. All of the course material and some examples provided are appropriate for different dietary needs but the recipes and meal ideas are based on a omnivorous eating style.


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  • Insurance Coverage

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